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Based on the book by Les Fehmi and Jim Robbins
Meditation and Open Focus


Meditation and Open Focus™ - What's the Connection?

People who are new to meditation, or who have struggled more than meditated, often find that Open Focus offers them an entry and an end to their struggle. Akashavanda discovered Open Focus after 11 years as a serious meditator, and experienced a profound, transcendent state. 

"The night I listened to the guided exercises on the attached CD, I had one of the most relaxed, light, and blissful experiences I’ve had in the last eleven years as a serious meditator. I was able to reach a state I’ve only accessed during long silent meditation retreats."

– Akashavanda

 "I find that my 2 daily Open Focus practices are a form of meditation… Basically, I let go and allow myself to merge with the space around me – allowing it to diffuse through me. I imagine, literally, ‘going with the flow’ as one swirl of self and space floating in a vast timeless universe of similar swirls.” – Sue B. Albert, New Jersey


 "I am in love with Open Focus. When I stumbled upon it, I realized that I had been in narrow focus (fight or flight mode) my whole life. It not only opened up a new way of being in the world, I also tout it (although the creators do not) as the most effective tool for spiritual awakening I have ever found. 

– Donna Lou Stevens, singer, songwriter, artist of DonnaLouStevens.com

 "My own introduction to Open Focus took place in the early 1980s when I explored its potential as a tool for spiritual development.

Buddhist meditation techniques such as Vipassana and Dzogchen are attentiveness training practices. In Vipassana you begin by narrowly focusing on breath sensations and gradually widen the field of attention until it takes in whatever is arising in the mind. In Dzogchen meditation (an advanced practice) you go immediately into that wide-angle, all-inclusive mode of attending and hang out there. Both are highly worthwhile practices, but to develop the ability to enter that open-to-everything mindset at will requires an extended period of prior practice.

When I started using [the Open Focus CD’s] I was immediately impressed by how effective they were…at the end of the half-hour lesson I would invariably be in the Open Focus mode of attending to mind contents. That was rarely the case when I spent an equal amount of time doing Vipassana meditation. 


When I recently obtained a copy of THE OPEN-FOCUS BRAIN and its companion CD I was delighted. It now seems likely that this powerful technique will finally get the widespread recognition it deserves.”

– Copthorne MacDonald, Author, Scholar, and Wisdom Educator, creator of The Wisdom Page website

 "Although Open Focus work is compatible with, and can be done simultaneously with, meditation, I know from experience that some people who could benefit from both modalities are not going to become long term meditators.

Why? Some people don’t like sitting for prolonged periods of time in silence in the hope of reducing stress, improving mental clarity and gaining wisdom and compassion. They find listening to their own interior mental chatter intolerable – or they complain of distracting noises, physical pain or discomfort, boredom, restlessness, frustration, lack of progress and a host of other problems. Meditation isn’t for everyone.

For these people Open Focus could be a safe, drug-free method of reducing stress, anxiety and depression while enhancing their performance of and enjoyment of their work and other activities.” – Harvey Hyman, author of LAWYERS WELL BEING website and blog

We encourage you to visit the website "Dragons at Work" (the link provided for the audio clips below) then scroll down (just below the Steve Jobs quote) and

Listen to the two AUDIO clips provided.

The first is an introduction to Dr. Les Fehmi, and the second is a guided practice meditation that incorporates Open Focus.

by Stephen Josephs, Meditator, Tai Chi practitioner, Executive Coach, co-Author of the book "Leadership Agility: five levels of Mastery", and creator of the beautiful website and evolving story DRAGONS at WORK